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  • MAX 5 Rooms, Hallway & Stairs
  • additional $20. for Berber carpets

We proudly use the Host Dry System to deep clean your carpets with no downtime whatsoever. With the Host Dry System you no longer have to deal with old stains showing through again, or the carpets rapidly regaining their soiled appearance after cleaning.
How It Works

The non-toxic cleaning formula we use is gentle on carpets, hard on dirt. It leaves rooms looking and smelling fresh, and only takes 5-10 minutes to dry! This fast drying formula ensures zero shrinkage, splitting seams, or unwanted mildew, and won’t strip off your carpet’s original protective covering. Scotch Guard is also available. The Host Dry System is used all over the world by major facilities and contractors, as well as in carpet mills worldwide. Cleaning deep into the carpet, the extractor sponges suck up dirt and grease and remove spots and stains. No detergent is left behind for new dirt to cling to, and it even removes matted pile so your carpets look completely renewed.

Atlanta Commercial Cleaners will come to any home, medical facility, business or office to perform carpet cleaning in Atlanta, GA.

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